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The New Individuality: A Discussion of the Rise of the Franchise in America and Abroad

It’s 3:15 on a Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting at a Starbucks sipping on a chai tea latte.  I think to myself about the franchise.  Not the franchise of Starbucks—that’s an article all on its own, but all franchises—the whole idea of the franchise. I don’t know about you, but when I think franchise, my

A call for dialogue

Who are all of you? Geographers, linguists, psychologists, journalists, writers, actors, historians, fundraisers, public policy experts, teachers, archeologists, sound designers, poets, organizers, musicians, researchers, mathematicians, economists, green experts, cultural studies experts, biologists, med students, philosophers, law students and lawyers, architects, engineers, political scientists, sports and fitness experts, ex-Marines, health psychologists, artists, environmental interpreters, counselors, immigration