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Rimbaud in New York

David Wojnarowicz and Arthur Rimbaud.

Two boys suffering untold abuses.
Connected through the messy  bloodstain of art,
a paper mask worn by so many.
Rimbaud was shot at by his lover, Verlaine.
Wojnarowicz was shot by mistake by a stranger.
Both were boys living on the street, abused by men.
poetics bled from them both.
Wojnarowicz, in homage to Rimbaud, resurrected the dead
boy poet, and brought him to New York.  Rimbaud,
the dead boy poet, for a moment, resurrected Wojnarowicz
“They is an other.”


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Questions for history professors/students:How does the past influence our present? How do we Interpret the past through our present. What is the idealised past?