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Feísmo ilustrado, or Illustrated Ugliness—beauty in Madrid

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]andering around the city centre in Madrid the semi-attentive observer will start to see a very curious theme appear—feísmo ilustrado—, or “illustrated ugliness”.  However, not only does this street art have a wonderful theme and impressive body of work (ALL OVER THE CITY CENTRE), but the artist(s) broadly succeed at getting the heart of Madrid beating again with vivid eye-catching images. The images tend to be of palpating hearts with subversive messages, bears, adorable puppies, post-modern geometric designs that make one think about how Picasso might have presented his art in the 21st century.  Most of the images include some light message that brightens the viewers perspective on the world, or points to a social problem, typically ironic messages about the economic crisis in which Spain finds itself.

 Here are a few photos I have taken while wandering around Madrid this summer of “feísmo”.


For a less positive spin: