From the Museum of the City of New York website:

Join Louie Dean Valencia-García, Andrew W. Mellon Predoctoral Fellow at the City Museum and Centennial Fellow at Fordham University, to explore the long history of protest surrounding New York City’s public spaces. Valencia-García will examine such case studies as Tompkins Square Park, Marcus Garvey Park, Union Square, and Zuccotti Park and the roles of iconic New York City figures and events, including anarchist Emma Goldman and the Stonewall riots to explore how New Yorkers have used public spaces to both spur change and to memorialize their successes in the city’s streets.



Activist New York is the inaugural exhibition in The Puffin Foundation Gallery, which is dedicated to the ways in which ordinary New Yorkers have exercised their power to shape the city’s and the nation’s future.

Programs in conjunction with Activist New York are made possible by The Puffin Foundation.

The Museum also acknowledges the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s support of a Predoctoral Fellowship program. The Fellows are leading these lectures.


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