The Utopias Project

Is an NGO type artist collective. Our aim is to foster creativity and encounters between everybody and anybody that is willing to give something to the project (would it only be your pretty face to be exposed on this website).

Entrena con Sergio Peinado

The closest thing I have to a brother, Sergio is a guru of sport.  A professional trainer, and the person with whom I would want to spend a lazy afternoon, Sergio also writes for Vitonica, the number one sport and health website in Spain.


The blog of one of my best friends, Romain.  A photographer, a frenchie, a social media guru, and my source of any cool music; Romain is the zeitgeist.

The Meena Mix

A contributor to BurntCitrus, Meena is not only an amazing person, but her curiosity and multitude of talents is a thing to marvel at.  Check out her page!

With a Brooklyn Accent

Dr. Mark Naison’s office beckons souls that want to make the world better—an activist who has dedicated his life to combat racism, poverty, and inequality.