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Yvonne Craig: A pioneer of women’s representation in the super-hero world

Today, Yyvone Craig, best known for originating the Barbara Gordon/Batgirl character in the 1960s, passed away due to complications from breast cancer. She was 78. I met Craig once at a comic book convention in Austin. She was kind and generous with her time. When I met her, she was sitting at a table chatting

Andrew W. Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship

Museum of the City of New York

‘m incredibly excited to announce that I was just named one of three Andrew W. Mellon Predoctoral Fellows at the Museum of the City of New York. As part of the fellowship, I will be working at the museum two days a week for fourteen months. The first two months will be dedicated to training. Afterward, the fellowship

Clashing with Fascism: Spain’s Democratic Transition in Punk Comic Books

Johns Hopkins University, March 2015

46TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE HISTORICAL STUDIES   “Marginalized Identities and Cultural Production in Modern Spain”, 22 March 2015 Chair: Sandie Holguín, University of Oklahoma Allyson C. González, Brandeis University: “The ‘True’ Catholic Woman was Sephardic? Rebecca Aguilar and the Ambiguities of Spanish Womanhood” Charles A. McDonald, New School for