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Taste Test

A Sampling of the Uncanny & Grotesque in Film & Graphic Novels

‘m excited to be presenting on uncanny and grossness with my dear friend, Orquidea, this Friday!  We will be putting our work into dialogue to explore the U.S./Mexico borderlands and Post-Franco Spain—through the comic books and film. If you are in the Austin, area and are interested, please let me know @, and I’ll

Yvonne Craig: A pioneer of women’s representation in the super-hero world

oday, Yyvone Craig, best known for originating the Barbara Gordon/Batgirl character in the 1960s, passed away due to complications from breast cancer. She was 78. I met Craig once at a comic book convention in Austin. She was kind and generous with her time. When I met her, she was sitting at a table chatting

Moulinsart Sues Fanzine; Fans Produce 1942 Document Stripping Moulinsart of Tintin Copyright

oulinsart, the Belgian company that controls the artist Hergé’s estate, sued a small Dutch fanzine (called Hergé-genootschap) that circulates news/etc. about the young Belgian comic book reporter, Tintin. During the lawsuit, the fans produced a 1942 document that proved that Moulinsart doesn’t actually own