Comprehensive Exam Fields:

Modern Europe:
History of History, Philosophy of History; The French Revolution; Capitalism and Social Protest; Nineteenth Century Social Conflict; Nationalism; World War I; Interwar Europe; World War II; Post 1945 Europe

Spain, 1808 to the Present:
War, Revolution, and Early Liberalism; Nations and Nationalism: 1898: Transition of Empires; Democracy and Civil War; The Franco Régime and the Transition to Democracy

Early Modern Spain and the Americas:
Spain: Intellectual; Religion; Gender; Urban
Colonial Latin America: Intellectual; Gender; Urban; Rebellion and Independence; Carnivalesque

Urban Studies:
Post-Modern Theory, Subjectivity, and the City; The City: Everyday Life and Production of Space; Globalization, Postcolonialism, and the Global South; The Subaltern, Counterpublics and Subcultures; Youth Social Movements, Dissent and Revolution

Fordham University Coursework

  • Bolshevik Revolution; Bernice Rosenthal
  • Colonial Spain: 1808-1939; Christopher Schmidt-Nowara
  • European Youth Culture, Dissent and Public Space, Tutorial; Rosemary Wakeman
  • Fascism; Silvana Patriarca
  • Gender & Sexuality in Early Modern Spain and the Americas, Tutorial; S. Elizabeth Penry
  • Golden Age Spain and its American Empire; S. Elizabeth Penry
  • History of Sports; Nancy Curtin
  • Inventing Total War; David Hamlin
  • Issues in Urban Studies; Rosemary Wakeman
  • Jesuit Pedagogy Seminar; Christine Firer Hinz, Moshe Gold, Michael Bauer
  • Modern European Seminar I: David Hamlin
  • Modern European Seminar II: David Hamlin
  • Modern European Pro-Seminar I: France, History of the Book and Print; Thierry Rigogne
  • Modern European Pro-Seminar II: France, History of the Book and Print; Thierry Rigogne
  • Modern Spain: Theory and Methodology, Tutorial; Christopher Schmidt-Nowara
  • Pedagogy Theory and Practice Colloquium I; Anne Fernald/Moshe Gold
  • Pedagogy Theory and Practice Colloquium II; Anne Fernald/Moshe Gold
  • Teaching History; Nancy Curtin

Coursework at other Institutions

  • Affects of the Commons; Lauren Berlant (School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University)
  • Cinemas of Pedro Almodóvar and Guillermo del Toro; Paul Julian Smith (CUNY Grad Center)
  • La cuestión LGTB en la España del Siglo XX; Manuel Ángel Soriano Gil (Univ. Complutense de Madrid)
  • Queer Technics; Amy Villarejo (School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University)