Charlie Solis

Charlie Solis is a friend, actor, writer, & filmmaker known for Us (2015), Heroic (2015), & Emoticon 😉 (2014).

Claire Donato

Claire is a friend,writer, digital language arts curator and accidental performer thinking about animals, architecture, desire, exceptionalism, nothingness, pedagogy, personal taste, suffering and synaesthesia.

Entrena con Sergio Peinado

The closest thing I have to a brother, Sergio is a guru of sport.  A professional trainer, and the person with whom I would want to spend a lazy afternoon, Sergio has also written for Vitonica, the number one sport and health website in Spain.

Special America

My friend, Claire Donato, has many great projects.  Special America points out the need to evaluate our place in the world, and to do things critically and artistically.

With a Brooklyn Accent

Dr. Mark Naison’s office beckons souls that want to make the world better—an activist who has dedicated his life to combat racism, poverty, and inequality.