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Review of “Arresting Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature”

Christopher Pizzino begins Arresting Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature with the premise that even though news stories have proclaimed the arrival of comics as legitimate literature for more than thirty years, comics are still a marginalized medium that resists legitimation, and will be for the foreseeable future. Pizzino argues, “while comics are less reviled now

Moulinsart Sues Fanzine; Fans Produce 1942 Document Stripping Moulinsart of Tintin Copyright

oulinsart, the Belgian company that controls the artist Hergé’s estate, sued a small Dutch fanzine (called Hergé-genootschap) that circulates news/etc. about the young Belgian comic book reporter, Tintin. During the lawsuit, the fans produced a 1942 document that proved that Moulinsart doesn’t actually own

Representing Queerness in the DCU

Sean/Shvaughn Erin and Jan Arrah (Element Lad)

DCUQ  friend recently asked me for “gay male comic book” recommendations. I named off some of the well-known characters in the DC Universe today: Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern who was reimagined as gay in DC’s recent relaunch, The New 52), Miguel José Barragán (aka Bunker who first appeared in Teen Titans #1, vol. 4)….and… ugh… I

Adventures in Tetuán… Tracing the Past

oday’s adventures brought me to the Estrecho Metro stop—a train station opened in 1929 in a working class neighbourhood called Tetuán.  A lead on the Internet brought me to Hiper Comics, owned by José. Tetuán is made of approximately 49% of retired people, 11.74% unemployed, and 35% of the overall population is immigrant (source: FRAVM). Tetuán is also known