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Moulinsart Sues Fanzine; Fans Produce 1942 Document Stripping Moulinsart of Tintin Copyright

Moulinsart, the Belgian company that controls the artist Hergé’s estate, sued a small Dutch fanzine (called Hergé-genootschap) that circulates news/etc. about the young Belgian comic book reporter, Tintin. During the lawsuit, the fans produced a 1942 document that proved that Moulinsart doesn’t actually own

Representing Queerness in the DCU

Sean/Shvaughn Erin and Jan Arrah (Element Lad)

DCUQ  friend recently asked me for “gay male comic book” recommendations. I named off some of the well-known characters in the DC Universe today: Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern who was reimagined as gay in DC’s recent relaunch, The New 52), Miguel José Barragán (aka Bunker who first appeared in Teen Titans #1, vol. 4)….and… ugh… I

Adventures in Tetuán… Tracing the Past

oday’s adventures brought me to the Estrecho Metro stop—a train station opened in 1929 in a working class neighbourhood called Tetuán.  A lead on the Internet brought me to Hiper Comics, owned by José. Tetuán is made of approximately 49% of retired people, 11.74% unemployed, and 35% of the overall population is immigrant (source: FRAVM). Tetuán is also known